Friday, August 27, 2010

Isn't He the Cutest?

Garrett's new favorite toy seems to be the box his new car seat came in. Lately, his favorite word is "door", so he will get in his box and open/close the "doors". Very sweet.

Garrett loves his juice!Garrett's shirt from Grandma Jackson says "Kansas Rocks!" ...and he's appropriately playing with his Jayhawk that plays the KU fight song. He and Daddy like to "march" to the beat.
Garrett received 2 new bowls for his 1st birthday. One from Uncle Dave with a red tractor on it (see previous birthday post), and another cowboy bowl/utensil set from our friends Sue & Marvin. He likes to play with them both...and, yes, he likes to eat from them too! I tend to appreciate the cowboy bowl because of the suction cup bottom that keeps it in place, versus bowls without suction cups that easily fly across the room (thanks, Uncle Dave!).

Garrett also loves his "new" rocking chair. It had belonged to my sister, then my brother, then on to me...and now it belongs to Garrett. My mom recovered the cushions with fabric that coordinates with Garrett's cowboy room. He likes to sit in the chair and "rock"...which is actually just nodding his head back/forth. He'll figure it out eventually...

Jell-O! Garrett's first experience with the messy, cherry-flavored treat. It was a fun idea...until I realized I forgot to put a bib around his neck. Of course he is wearing his white KC Royals shirt. UGH!
Note: to get out Jell-O stains, treat with Shout and soak overnight in a mixture of Oxy Clean Powder & water. It really works well!

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davevb said...

Lots of good pictures!!! Looking forward to Christmas.