Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas 2010

This year we were able to celebrate Christmas with both sides of our family - something we try to do every year, but it doesn't always work out that way.

Our first Christmas was spent in Kansas at Grandma Jackson's. We were all able to get together again, which is so much fun. We ate, and ate, and ate...watched basketball/football, and enjoyed the day together. Garrett made the announcement that he's going to be a Big Brother by wearing his new t-shirt (see previous post for pic). It was fun to see the surprise on everyone's faces!

We all received some nice gifts, but Garrett's were the most fun! He received this fun Elmo hat...
...and a John Deere lawn mower from Grandma Jackson. We literally had to pry the lawn mower out of his hands in order to take our family picture!
Uncle Jim thought he'd be funny and gave Garrett a set of 2 wooden whistles. Fortunately, Garrett doesn't quite know how to use them yet...but Daddy has been having some fun with them!
Our second Christmas was celebrated right at home! My side of the family all made the trip to Iowa, which was a gift in itself! On Christmas Eve, Uncle Dave & Uncle Billy made Garrett a cardboard maze in his play room. He loved it...but I wonder if Uncles enjoyed it even more???
Garrett & his Nana
Stocking Stuffers!
Reading with Auntie & Uncle Curry
Time to shop!
Daddy trying to figure out how to remove the toy from the box!
Reading with Aunt Sandy.
BIG box from Nana!
Garrett is a little small for his new basketball hoop...but he'll be shootin' hoops in no time!
Driving Uncle Dave around in his new pickup truck!
Overall, we had a wonderful Christmas time. It was sad to see everyone go and have to get back to "normalcy". Be we feel blessed that we were able to spend our Holidays with all of our immediate family members...and we send wishes for a Happy New Year to all of you that we didn't get to see this year.

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