Saturday, November 14, 2009

Some Favorite Pictures

This morning I put Garrett down for a nap with a beautiful throw that my mom's friend Debbie knitted for him. When I peeked in to check on him I had to laugh when I saw his little toes sticking out of the throw. Couldn't resist snapping a picture to share!

Last Sunday was one of the last really nice fall days that we have experienced here in Iowa. We took advantage of the day by making a road trip to a local state park that is filled with beautiful scenery and sounds from the Des Moines River that runs through it. We hiked on one of the trails with Garrett in the stroller - at least as far as we could go before we hit too many bumpy tree roots and thick piles of leaves. Garrett and I posed for a picture before we loaded up to head back to town.

Garrett enjoys playing on the floor, kicking his legs and pumping his arms while he plays with mommy or daddy - whichever one of us is on the floor with him making funny faces and noises to get him to grin. He is starting to pay more attention to his toys that make sounds, like the little pig in this picture. So much fun! He'll be rolling over before we know it!

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