Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Daycare Bully

Garrett has recently encountered his first daycare bully. OK...maybe the word bully is a bit harsh...but there is a "scratcher" at daycare who gave our little guy a nasty scratch above his right eye. Apparently there is also a paci-stealer in the room. The oldest girl in his room, who is walking pretty well, likes to sneak up to the babies while they sleep and steal their pacifiers! What a bunch of little hoodlums! Ha!

These pictures were taken while Garrett was strapped in to his high chair, eating lunch - which seems to be the best way to keep him still long enough to get a good close-up! It seems that the flash was a bit too bright in the following pic. Oops!


Sandy said...

No, that is just his - "I'm gonna get him back, soon as I can walk too" look. What a scratch!

Anonymous said...

It's time to enroll Garrett in a self-defense class!!