Saturday, September 24, 2011


Every single day, one of Garrett's first requests of the day (other than SNACK) is, "I watch Woody-Buzz!". It's also the first request he makes when he gets in the car after daycare, and the last request before bedtime. He LOVES Toy Story, and I cannot tell you how many times he has watched that movie! (If asked, Steve and I could quote most of the movie, I'm sure!) Though I realize it's probably not good parenting, it is convenient when he becomes entranced by his mini-tv for a few minutes while I tend to Reece when Steve is not around...but we have had to do a lot of compromising in order to limit the Toy Story viewing each day!
Last night we caught this picture as he was in the middle of his daily viewing. He's got a good setup - he prefers to watch his movie on our portable dvd player, and thinks his new chair is the perfect viewing spot!
(By the way - the scratch next to his eye is a daycare battle wound. I was told that he and another child got stuck under an easel and had to be pulled out. How, exactly, does that happen?? Who knows...leave it to our mischievous little man to figure it out!)

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