Monday, April 6, 2009

April SNOW Showers...

...Bring May Flowers??? Something about that doesn't sound right to me. Fortunately we didn't get the 8-14 inches of snow that various meteorologists were predicting for our area. But we did get enough snow flakes to create patches of snow in our yard. Most of the snow has melted, leaving a wet, muddy mess in its wake (which the dogs love). But hopefully that's the end of snow for this season.

Baby is still doing great. We have finished up our 22nd week, which means that I am starting my 6th month of pregnancy. This past Saturday we had an exciting experience: Steve got to feel the baby kick for the first time! At first he couldn't tell if it was baby or his finger twitching involuntarily...but then after the second kick, we knew it was all baby! I've been feeling baby's kicks for quite a few weeks now, but I can definitely tell he's getting stronger...especially when he is aiming for my bladder! Though I love to feel him move around, I could do without those bladder kicks!

Friday we are heading back to Kansas for Easter. We haven't been back for Easter for a few years, so we are both looking forward to it (though I'm not sure if I'm ready for the chilly hilltop sunrise services!) It won't be long until our own little guy is running around Grandma's yard hunting eggs! Steve thinks that we should be able to join in the hunt this year - he said he could hold my hand & guide baby & me around so that he can grab some treat-filled eggs "for baby". For some reason I don't think that will fly with the younger kids! I guess I'll have to buy him some Reese's eggs, which should keep him happy. :-)

Since I probably won't write again before we leave on Friday, we both wish you and your families a Blessed Easter!


Fitz 5 Mom said...

does he have a name?????

KimCreates said...

He sure does! Are we sharing it? Nope! There's got to be SOME element of surprise! Jim thinks LJ is a good name (Little Jim) we'll go with that for now. Ha!
When will you be in the States this summer? We will have to try to make it down to see you when you're in KC!