Friday, September 4, 2009

3 Weeks Old!

Can you believe that our little guy is already 3 weeks old? It's crazy how quickly time has passed us by!

Today (Friday) is the last full day that Grandma VandeBerg will be here before she makes her way back to Georgia. She has been such a great help with Garrett...I'll be sad to see her go! Can't wait until she decides to move closer! (hint!)
Tomorrow Grandma Jackson and Aunt Ginger will make their way to Iowa to see Garrett! It will be a beautiful weekend, weather-wise, so I'm looking forward to getting outside and enjoying the company!

I don't know what I'll do with myself next week when I'm on my own while Steve's at work. I imagine our days will look a lot like this... ...and hopefully not this!
I'm hoping to get the stroller outside and walk along the newly-installed sidewalks near our home. It's been too windy & cool to take Garrett out lately, but the sun is starting to shine again!
Well...I can hear some fussing upstairs, so I better go relieve Grandma for a while. Have a restful Labor Day Weekend!


davevb said...

That was funny! I started at a blog about construction (I'm at work but off for a while)and just started hitting NextBlog. 5 blogs later "hey! that's my nephew!" It hasn't even updated on my blog yet, so you must have done it real recently.

Fitz 5 Mom said...

so sweet! i know my mom is excited to meet him and see you both. put her to work!

fdwendys said...

he is growing so much!! hope you have a nice labor day weekend!!