Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some Firsts for Garrett

Our little guy is growing every day! We weighed him a few days ago and were somewhat shocked to find that he's up to 11 pounds! I guess we shouldn't be surprised considering his chubby cheeks, double chin and jiggly thighs! He's experienced some firsts just this past week...

First time drinking from a bottle - he took to it really well:

First time to wear shoes - all dressed up for the baby shower thrown by Iowa Central:

First ride in his new swing (gift from the Distance Learning Group):

Garrett's First Jeans & Polo (gift from Grandma Jackson) - he's actually been wearing the jeans for a while now, but he looked like such a little man when we paired the jeans with the polo!

First bath without the newborn net. His bathtub (which came from his Fitzpatrick cousins in Rome) has a little net-like attachment that you can put baby on so he doesn't have to be completely submerged in the water (you can see the net, it now lies in the water as a cushiony seat). Now that he's over the weight limit for the net, we bathe him in the actual tub. It turns out that he much prefers to be sitting in the water instead of hovering over it!

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Amber said...

Kim and Steve -
Garrett is such a handsome little man. I can't wait to meet him in person. I am so happy for all of you and your perfect family!