Sunday, July 24, 2011


It occurred to me that many of you might be wondering about the bruise that has appeared on Garrett's head in recent pictures. At a July 4th party, he had a run-in with a wooden step, resulting in a purple goose-egg on his head and 2 black eyes. Fortunately, there was a nurse at the party who kept an eye on Garrett to make sure he hadn't given himself a concussion...if he hadn't of been there, I'm pretty sure we would have made an ER run!
Though the injury didn't seem to phase our tough guy for long (he was up & running around w/in 5 minutes of the crash), the visual after-effects have lasted a few weeks. As of today, his eyes look good, but he still has a little bruise on his forehead.
Following is a picture taken around July 5...

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