Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reece - Days 3 & 4

Today has been a very good day for Reece...but I'll start by finishing up info from yesterday.

Day 3:
Reece had a chest X-Ray that brought to the doctor's attention a touch of pneumonia. What this means is that Reece will need to remain on his antibiotic for a total of 7 days in order to hopefully clear up the infection. Reece's nurse did some figuring, and since he started his antibiotic on Monday, she calculates that 7 days of antibiotic in it's entirety will be roughly 2 a.m. Monday morning. SO...we will be here until at least then. We pray that we will be able to go home sometime Monday afternoon.

Day 4:
As I mentioned above, Reece has had an excellent day today. The doctor lowered his O2 intake, and he has responded well. So hopefully he will be off Oxygen by tomorrow. Another stipulation for going home is that he remains off O2 for at least 24 hours.
Yesterday afternoon we started to feed Reece with a bottle, which he took very well. Today, my milk started to come in, so I have finally been able to nurse him. As Steve says, Reece is definitely a Jackson...he knew just what to do, and is nursing very well. He continues to look very healthy, and is often alert, with his eyes open and looking around. He's such a little blessing!

Garrett was happy to see his little brother yesterday. He had just given Reece a kiss when this pic was taken. He's going to be such a wonderful big brother!

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